Thursday, August 23, 2012

Toastmaster of a Wedding – Another Great Presentation Moment

Yes, Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies at a wedding is another wonderful forum to give a memorable presentation.  It can be a great way to develop humor, sentiment and storytelling in a creative and loving way.

Presentation Training as Toastmaster
at a Wedding
As toastmaster at a wedding, you’ll be charged with initiating toasts, introducing speakers and delivering important announcements. Simultaneously, the toastmaster will also be responsible for keeping the activities of the wedding on schedule. As the toastmaster, your primary job will be communicating with the entire group present at the wedding, as well as helping the individual people in the wedding to fulfill their roles at the appointed times.

Don’t: Be rude to the guests and other speakers. While it is the job of the toastmaster to assure that the other speakers make their speeches on time, it is also important to keep the mood of the wedding happy. 

Do: Keep the flow of activities on schedule. It would be a tragedy if the entire wedding schedule were disrupted because the toastmaster failed to keep everything on schedule.

Don’t: Forget to obtain a copy of the weddings activities and proposed times for each event prior to the wedding.

Do: Rehearse your announcements and toasts in front of a mirror.

Don’t: Look down continuously at a cue card while speaking at the wedding.

Do: Keep each introduction of each speaker short and to the point.

Don’t: Incorporate any humor that can be viewed as mean-spirited during the speech.

Do: Begin your first announcement by telling the audience your name and a description of your relationship to the bride and groom.

Don’t: Feel that you have to wear a red jacket, as is the traditional attire for toastmasters.

Do: Stand up straight while speaking. Pull your shoulders back and stand tall.

Don’t: Forget to obtain a list of the other wedding speakers prior to the big day. Make arrangements to meet them before the wedding so that you can make a proper introduction.

Do: Make flattering comments about the bride.

Don’t: Drink too much before speaking or in between announcements. One drink is probably enough to help ease any butterflies in your stomach.

Do: Let your personality shine through. Feel free to speak from the heart. 

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