Monday, August 13, 2012

A Eulogy and Public Speaking Etiquette

Writing A Eulogy

Being charged with the delivery of a eulogy can be a very difficult task.  Eulogies are doubly difficult to give because they require people to speak publicly about the emotionally challenging topic of death. In spite of these inherent difficulties, you can give a eulogy effectively by preparing properly ahead of the funeral. Follow the tips in this article to find out how to deliver this important speech. 

Use your own stories and speak to family members who may be able to share some wonderful and memorable stories that you can relay. Focus on that person’s life, not their death, and bring to light all the wonderful qualities that person shared with those around him.  Speak from the heart and the writing will come much easier.

Plan what you will say ahead of time and use a timer to determine the length of your speech. This will prevent your eulogy from going on too long. Keep in mind that you are likely to speak faster when you give the actual speech due to nervousness. Make every effort to keep your speech limited to the topics you have rehearsed and planned to say. 

Keep in mind that a eulogy isn’t the appropriate setting to discuss your own feelings of sadness. Rather, it is a time to look back upon the positive accomplishments and personality traits of the person you are remembering. A brief mention of the sadness you, as well as everyone else in the room, is experiencing is sufficient. 

When you walk to the front of the podium, stand tall and don’t slouch. Taking on the persona of a person who has their emotions under control will help you not to have an emotional breakdown in front of the funeral attendees. Even if you believe that there is no chance that you will begin crying while speaking, once you begin to look out on the audience and see the children and parents crying, you may feel different. Take a moment, roll your shoulders back and be confident in yourself while preparing to speak and during your speech. 

It isn’t necessary to be an eloquent public speaker to give a well-spoken eulogy. With advance preparation, your eulogy will remind the audience of the gifts left behind for the grieving family and friends. In conclusion, while giving a eulogy can be a very emotionally wrenching task, it is quite possible to give a speech that helps the loved ones of the deceased feel more at ease with his passing. 

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