Monday, July 2, 2012

Presentation Training - Use of Space

We all strive to bring our presentations to life and movement can be a very powerful tool to accomplish that goal.  It can give importance to a statement, raise the energy, or bring a presentation down to a thoughtful ending.  Movement can completely change the audience response and create a very effective presentation.

Use different areas of space to create distinctive impacts:

1. Moving Forward - Moving forward towards your audience can create a very close connection with your participants. This is the most powerful position and used to emphasize an important point, draw emotions or simply get the audience’s attention to your topic.

2. Moving Backward - Moving back will put your audience in a more relaxed-listening frame of mind.  Be certain to maintain appropriate body language to keep your audience listening and attentive to your topic.

3. Moving Left to Right - Moving from left to right, even with small movements, is a great way to demonstrate contrasting points. Left to right movements are a great method for representation of pros and cons, past and future, before and after or two points of views.  Remember, the movements don’t have to be big walking the length of the space, but can simply be a small step either side and perhaps using a hand or arm gesture in that direction.  Occasionally, using all of your lateral space is a great tool to engage all of your audience.  If you stick to one side of a stage or room, you run the risk of isolating the opposite side.

Presentation Training - Use of Space
Presentation Training - Use of Presentation Space

Use your movements wisely and don’t wander aimlessly in the space as it will appear that you are uninterested in your topic or bored.  Just as you rehearse a speech, you should be rehearsing body language, facial expression and yes, even movement.

Move smart and keep our audience moving with you.

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