Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PowerPoint Presentation Writing Tip - Less is More

Effective presentation skills
Do you have a great topic you want your audience to find just as interesting as you and yet, you find your audience is distracted, many do not make eye-contact, and at the end, you have a lackluster response.

You may think, Maybe it is me?

But maybe it is your slides.

Writing an effective PowerPoint presentation is not about how much you can write on each slide, but what you write on them.
PowerPoint presentations are full of fantastic tools to enhance your presentations and it is very easy to fall into a common problem commited by presenters.

Writing too much on their slides.

Too much information on screen will hurt your presentation more than it will help. Presenters may feel safe to read directly from their slides, but doing this you may inadvertently alienate your audience, undermine your credibility and distract them from what should be their main focus--you and your topic.

Slides are meant to be like line-coaches for actors on stage, prompting you to remember your next point with a meaningful trigger.

Let’s look at a iconic presentation given by Steve Jobs.  His presentations were the famous for their simplicity. But because his presentations were so bare, it forced the audience's attention to Jobs and his dynamic personality.

Tips for writing an effective slide:
  • Keep it simple.
  • Use meaningful triggers for yourself
  • Do not clutter slides with too much text
  • Remember, keep it simple and hit your mark!

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