Friday, June 22, 2012

Public Speaking Preparation - Anyone Can do Research!

Perhaps you thought you needed a research team when preparing a presentation?  I'm afraid not.  It is all in your capable hands and anyone can do research!

There are a lot of ways to obtain information for a topic including the internet, books, magazines, journals, or in-person interviews. The most important factor is to ensure that the information is from a credible source. It can be a grey area as to what is considered "credible" and you may have to use your own judgement but I tend to stick with the following guidelines when researching:

1) When was the information written?  Is it current?

2) Is the information provided from a well known reputable source? (university, hospital, government agency, well known business)

3) Does the writer or interviewee have a degree in a particular expertise related to the topic or equal experience?

4) Does anything give you doubt in what you read that causes you to question its authenticity?

5) When in doubt, check it out my thinking.  Try to come up with more than one good source that may give you peace of mind that the information is accurate and true.

So, although anyone can do research, there are no guarantees of any source and its authenticity and even those that are considered reputable have made mistakes.  Be thorough, ask questions, and search for multiple sources is my best advice.

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