Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Presentations Using Royalty Free Images

One day, out of the blue a friend received a legal document stating that he owed $2,000 for the use of an image.It was an expensive lesson that no one would soon forget. Most people don’t give a second thought as to where their images come from when creating a presentation but the risk is there and the penalty can be high.  Through a lot of experience in creating sites, presentations and documents; obtaining quality inexpensive images has become very important.

Quality images do come at a price, but there are affordable options.  Also, keep in mind the resolution size affects your price.  Generally, you purchase an image and the price increases as the resolution increases.  You don’t need the biggest resolution for a presentation; 72dots per inch (dpi) is all that is required but keep in mind you want to get the appropriate size photo for the slide.  Images can be scaled down without losing quality, but cannot be enlarged without sacrificing quality.

If any part of a presentation is being printed you may require a higher resolution/dpi for a higher standard of image.   Often our presentations are changing so we may not know the exact size we require. Going larger is easy as you can simply shrink it down.

Avoid using sites that do not provide royalty-free images as you may be charged for each use of that image or yearly fees.

www.123RF.com is one my favorite websites for images.  The prices are very fair and quality is great.
So the next time you are looking for a presentation image, visit a site that offers royalty free images or find an affordable option that meets your budget.


  1. Chris and Cathy:

    There are two sources with some free images you might also consider - Wikimedia Commons and the US Library of Congress. I’ve blogged about them here:

    At the Library of Congress I found a collection of century-old Puck magazine covers that I’ve used rather than clip art, like this one about Santa Claus:


  2. Oooo thank you Richard. I'm all over free:) Thank you so much for sharing those options. I've come across a couple of sites with free images but sometimes the quality isn't up to par. I will definitely check these out. Thanks again