Monday, June 18, 2012

Presentation Skills - Time Management

Are you managing time or is time managing you?

time management
Presentation Skills - Time Management
If you are speaking at an event, the audience has an expectation as to the length of time you will be speaking.  It is important to manage your time effectively, not only in the office, but also when public speaking.   Perhaps the venue is only available for 60 minutes or your audience is only permitted to be away from their office for 45 minutes.  Either way, you must work within the time constraints provided.

An important part of presentation skills is to divide your presentation into timed segments.  Speak at a natural pace when practicing so that you can obtain an accurate reading on the clock.  Note areas in your speech that could possibly evoke a question or two or indicate at the beginning of your presentation “I would happy to answer any questions you may have upon the completion of my presentation”.  Set aside a pre-determined amount of time for questions.

Looking at your watch while speaking is not the best idea as it gives your audience the feeling that you are anxious to get out of there.  If there is no clock in the room and you are concerned, show your presentation using “Presenter View”, there is a clock available in the corner which you can discretely view if needed.

Keep in mind that less experienced presenters tend to speak a little faster in their live presentation than in practice.  Nervousness and anxiety often make us speak a little quicker.  The clock is ticking and every word counts.


  1. I totally agree about dividing your talk into timed segments, and you’ve given some good tips here.

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