Sunday, June 24, 2012

Powerpoint – Best Palette Selection Tool

We all know color is important to a PowerPoint presentation.  The colors of our background, text, charts and graphs or images all make an impact on the audience.  Not everyone has a good eye when it comes to coordinating colors. Although I have designed websites, created pamphlets and brochures and even done some watercolor painting; I still second guess myself with color schemes.

I recently came across this website, Color Explorer, where I could open up an image from my computer and view all the colors contained in the image to help select a palette for my work.  This is a great way to help pick your background and font colors for your presentation.

Firstly, have a great image in mind that would provide a good representation for the product, service or organization that is represented.  It could be a pamphlet or brochure you have scanned, a logo, screenshot of a website; whatever you feel is a good representation of your topic.

Visit the Color Explorer website and click “Image Color Import”, select “Choose File”, locate the image on your computer and select it, then click “Upload” and you will see your image on the left of your screen and a palette of colors from your image on the right. You will see the dominant colors from your image.  *Keep in mind images need to be 250KB for this site so perhaps “save as” to create a smaller version.

Click to enlarge Color Explorer Palette
Alternatively, if you don’t use a featured image, you could select a color from the “Color Libraries” tab, add it to your palette and then use the “Color Matching” feature.  There are a number of different algorithms available to create palettes.  (Complimentary is my favorite algorithm.) Take some time and try out some of the features of this site.  It is really a great tool, well laid out, easy to use and very fast.

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