Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Free Royalty Free Music For Your Videos And Presentations

Public Speaking

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if suddenly all of our moments had a soundtrack?  You know, the movies.  So, you are enjoying a stroll through the park on a nice, sunny day.  Life is good.  The background music is light and airy.  Do you see where I'm heading with this now?  Later, you are sneaking up on an unsuspecting friend and in the background the JAWS theme is building slowly to the crescendo.   You strut into a crowded room.  All eyes are on you...what song announces your grand entrance?  Is it something raucous like Black in Black by AC/DC or is it sassy like Material Girl by Madonna?

This fantasy isn't too hard to visualize, is it?  We are so steeped in cinematic culture that we can almost see our lives unfolded through camera angles and scored for dramatic effect.  It's cliche now, and sometimes annoying, but when a friend reveals something shocking, the jokester in the group will inevitably deliver a few bars of the token, "DUM DUM dummmmm," that accompanies similar situations in the movies.  Music has a way of shaping our thinking and informing our emotions.  Hollywood knows this. The "DUM DUM dummmmm" would tell us what was going on even in the absence of dialog.

Presenters often use music in the same way that Hollywood does.   As you train to be a better presenter, try practicing addressing your audience's senses with music as you address their intellect with your words.   It's an excellent presentation tip to add to your accumulating list of presentation skills.

Here are some examples.  Your videos need music.  Don't you agree?  To the audience, your video is a home movie, otherwise.  Transitions between PowerPoint slides or other forms of media can be scripted with music too.  Have you thought about that?  It will add flavor to an otherwise ordinary event.   OK, so where do you get this music shy of ordering up some one on one time with an orchestra?  Don't say, "My iPod."  Yeah, you paid for it, but Lady Gaga didn't give you permission to use it in your presentation.

Here's a clever option for your magical bag of presentation tricks;  use royalty free music.  Royalty Free means you can use it without infringing on the author’s copyrights.  Lady Gaga isn't going to come around demanding a check because you used her tunes in your slides.  Royalty free means worry free.

So how do you find the best sites for free royalty free music?  There are tons of websites available that offer free royalty free music, you just have to find them.  Below is a video from IndyMogul that breaks down the absolute best sites for free high quality royalty free music.  I've included their list below the video.  Enjoy.


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