Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Public Speaking - Project for Better Effect

Ever notice how easy it is to project our voice when we get upset? You will find that passion will certainly help your words stand out.  If you are passionate about your topic of discussion, your exuberance comes through in your presentation and projection becomes natural.  Use that tool to not only make your presentation heard, but have your enthusiasm for the topic flow to your audience.

Articulation – “To pronounce distinctly and carefully; enunciate.”

Nothing is more annoying than asking someone constantly “pardon me, what was it you said”.  Perhaps we text and type too much, as I from my experience, young people seem to be mumbling more.  In our day-to-day conversations, we become lazy about our manner of speaking. It is always important to articulate your words, look the person in the eye and speak with an appropriate tone.  Everyday conversations are a great place to start working on your dialogue etiquette.

When giving a presentation, your articulation is imperative.  It is not in every venue that you may have a microphone; and therefore your voice must show proper diction and volume to let everyone in the room hear you clearly.  The last thing you want to worry about is that you weren’t heard or understood.
Recording your presentation and listening back can be a great way to note any points in your speech where perhaps your volume drops or your articulation is lacking.

A few points to keep in mind:

  • Speak clearly/articulate your words
  • Use appropriate tone
  • Use appropriate volume
  • Show passion about your topic
  •  Record your presentation
  • Practice the necessary changes noted

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